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Work action with HANDS PRO

Mechanical Action

Mobilization of myofascial adhesions to improve nutrition and increase the mobility of muscle tissue.

Tissue mobility in turn helps improve in the various physiological processes of tissue repair.

Facilitation of the neural mobility that occurs when working the neural interface on each segment of the body, thus reducing different neural symptoms that appear in the different dysfunctions. Increased elimination of liquids from tissues.

Physiological Action

Circulatory action. Increased circulation, as a response to the precipitation of histamine and choline that directly influence the vasomotor, mainly in the contractile elements of the arterioles and capillary flow.
Analgesic action. Activation of reflective mechanisms pain inhibitors at the spinal level, by stimulating different receptors that work in the blockade of pain (gate control).



HANDS PRO is a group of tools for tissue manipulation in physiotherapy, created by the Physiotherapists: Prof. Alex Silva García and Prof. Daniel Dulanto Domenack.

Towards the year 2014 Professor Alex Silva starts the search for a tool as an alternative to work the soft tissue of patients (muscles, fascias, ligaments, etc.), this in response to the need to reduce the load on the hands that came taking for daily work.

This search led him to work with different tools, which allowed him to experience that the smaller and thinner the tools, the more muscular load in the musculoskeletal system of the Physiotherapist’s hand, the anatomical adaptation of the tool to the human body must be perfect , so that it allows a work of each tissue with greater precision.

In the following years 2015 and 2016 the Prof. Daniel Dulanto joins the project, with whom they start the design and structuring work of the new tools and concepts for the work with the HANDS PRO tools.

The design of the tools came to be tested in the human body to see the adaptability of each part of the tool, verifying that it is completely anatomical.


" HANDS PRO è funzionale e pratico, salvaguardia le mani del professionista, che lo utilizza, ma ugualmente premette di avere un controllo continuo del tessuto da trattare, grazie al particolare materiale degli strumenti."

C.N., Italy

"Ein hilfsreiches Werkzeug, welches bei mangelnder Beweglichkeit, zum Beispiel nach Operationen, bei Taubheits- und Kribbelgefühlen sehr behilflich sein kann. In Studien zeigte sich Handspro als gleich wirksam wie Medikamente."

D.N., Austria

"Es una nueva técnica dirigida a movilizar los tejidos en condiciones de movimiento. Cada tejido de nuestro cuerpo es dinámico, incluso hasta el momento de dormir nuestro cuerpo está en movimiento. significa que para que genere un dolor esta dinámica debe estar alterada."

V.B. – Peru

"Handspro can offer a number of benefits for athletes and those suffering from chronic pain. The goal is to stimulate the soft tissue, relieve tense muscles, improve joint function, and alleviate any pain associated with the injury, and Handspro works in an excellent way. "

T.S. – UK

"Handspro s'adressent directement au corps et font de sa manipulation le vecteur essentiel du soulagement des symptômes, voire de la guérison et peuvent être utiles pour soulager de nombreuses pathologies."

JB. F. – France

Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits for the Patient?

Less effort for short term results

Pain relief

Improved tissue quality:

Better oxygenation

Better circulation

Improved flexibility

Improved range of motion

Instrumental Manipulation?

The use of instruments or tools to mobilize tissue in need of neurological or physiological recovery. This is often due to injury that has compromised the tissue’s normal functioning and its neuro mechanical balance. The concept was developed by Professors Alex Silva García and Daniel Dulanto Domenack after years or working with different physiotherapy tools. They identified the need to create a tool that was not only effetive on the tissue, but that mechanically could take the work load off of the hands of professionals. The concept of manipulation in physiotherapy has existed for a number of yeras and a number of different authors cite it. However, it is is associated with the work of muscle tissue and with the hands and speed with which these are worked. 

In the case of HANDS PRO, manipulation is focused on the manipulation or moving of soft tissue-muscles, fascia, tendons, ligaments-rather than with the speed of movement.

The goal of instrumental manipulation?


Restore tissue mechanics



Improve flexibility

Remove tissue restriction

Decrease pain

Instrumental manipulation techniques?

Passive Instrumental Manipulation (PIM)

Functional Instrumental Manipulation (FIM)

Instrumental Manipulation of the Neural Interface (IMNI)

Benefits for the Therapist?

Unique ergonomically designed tool, based in physics, for professionals. The mechanical advantage of the TUMI HEALER is based on the degree of leverage and the degree of traction that it allows professionals: decreased muscle strength, reduced fatigue, reduced joint load on the upper extremity, and comfort in handling.

Its mechanical nature allows us to reach deeper within tissues with less force.

What does instrumental manipulation treat?

Instrumental Manipulation treats different soft tissue dysfunctions from muscles to ligaments, tendons to fascia and neural interface.

Considerations for instrumental manipulation?

Adequate knowledge of anatomy

Adequate ability to diagnose dysfunction

Dexterity in the use of instruments

Respect for patient’s pain threshold

Knowledge of the history of dysfunction

Knowledge of the technique

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